About Me

Hi,My name is Swapnil Shinde, Im a Fullstack Developer and a Cyber Security enthusiast from Maharashtra, India

Interest in Cyber Security and Understood OWASP top 10 which helped me in developing secure backends.

I write about Cyber Security on my instagram blogpost to share my knowledge and to contribute in spreading awerness.

Some other niches are working as a freelancer and part time python dev intern at Vscale

I'm a fullstack developer specialised in frontend (react) and backend (django), also worked in web scrapping and have experience in creating bots,crawlers for Major platforms


my services

Frontend Development

Awesome single pager application with Next.Js, SEO Optimized and responsive Designes or Websites using Html,CSS and JS

Backend Development

Develop Secure Backends with Django Framework, both api based and html based dynamic websites using Django Rest Framework.


Automation, web scrapping and developing bot for major platforms and websites.

My Skills

what i know

My Skills and Experience

Worked in Django and have a deep understanding of backend and web technologies such as Apis, token authentication, database caching, decentralized database, and security mechanisms, I also have a grip on the Next Js Framework for Seo Optimized web apps in the frontend.

Have a understanding of deploying the application in Microsoft Azure and Digital Ocean.

On the other hand scrapping websites , making bots and software for platforms is what i do as a freelancer.

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Frontend Development


Backend Development


Automation and Testing


Embedded systems



Mantra 7hills Society site

Society website for society with all notices, events management and charts.

Beats of arijit

A SPA webapp for listning and uploading songs, django + react with Django Rest Framework.

Aiforkids Buisness Management tool

A buisness management tool for managing and assingning tasks to employee's.

My Personal Porfolio

Personal Portfolio created using Next.js and Particle.js

OSMD Cab APP Project

Freelance Project for DTU Student Divyanshu Jain.

Telegram Cadence

A Marketing tool For small scale buisness on Telegram Marketing.

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